We Turned A Forgotten Daewoo Concept Into A Race Car…Because Race Car

They say you can work anywhere if you’ve been in F1. People still in F1 say that. Outside the buzz of the circuit, where teams of carnies jet around the world in search of mad trophies and large champagne bottles, I’ve had to work at it. I feel more like a salesman than an engineer, going door to door, selling what I… »4/21/15 7:08pm4/21/15 7:08pm


3 Words: Roof Mounted Exhaust

Italian Francesco Zefferino Sbarro—known as Franco Sbarro—is an interesting man. Starting as a mechanic, he gradually worked his way into Scuderia Filipinetti, a Swiss race team. Using strong cars, they competed in Formula 1 and sports car racing, with drivers like Jim Clark, Phil Hill, Ronnie Peterson, Jo Siffert,… »6/12/14 1:57pm6/12/14 1:57pm

The Pajero Evolution Is An Off-Road Trophy-Winning Gem

I've driven the Ford Raptor and I'm not a fan. I've jumped the Ford Raptor and I'm not a fan. This is partly due to not liking the vehicle, and partly due to the type of attention the truck attracts: Monster-drinking bros, MMA fans, and guys who own lifted trucks. (Sometimes all three things are the same person.) »5/21/14 11:13am5/21/14 11:13am

Don't forget the bug spray: Remembering the Saab 92-based campervan

Going camping is always a compromise. You can go small and light—sleeping bag and small tent—all the way up to a gigantic motorhome with a garage in the back. Most tow some sort of trailer. There's a big selection, from large to small and, let's face it, you're not going camping every weekend. So why spend the… »5/08/14 1:10pm5/08/14 1:10pm