Why can't the government just mandate the automaker runs a random sample of, say, 5-10 customer cars with tamper-proof Automatic devices (https://www.automatic.com/) that track fuel economy over a week or two of real-world testing? That would at least provide a range between best and worst case scenarios. » 2/24/15 2:40pm 2/24/15 2:40pm

I faced a similar decision and went for the Fiat 500 Abarth. I enjoy how it feels like we're in it together (there's winter up here in Canada) and how it doesn't feel all that well-made *to begin with*…both have given me naughty thoughts about 10 years of long-term Abarth-driving bliss. » 2/17/15 1:46pm 2/17/15 1:46pm

Here's What Happened When We Hosted A Car Meet In Budapest

Jalopnik's first European car meetup got Mr. Okulski behind the wheel of a heavily tuned Lotus Omega and Mr. Hardigree behind the wheel of a ZAZ, of all things. Here's all the action on video straight from the heart of Budapest. » 1/15/15 10:04am 1/15/15 10:04am

Here's The Mercedes V8-powered French Supervan You've Been Waiting For

Side note: Máté did a great post on this very van more than a year ago, and says one was powered by a Jaguar V-12. Who am I to argue! » 12/08/14 2:52pm 12/08/14 2:52pm

There's an "I" in the lower right corner that has more information and a link to the original description. Tried to keep it light/simple. Send me a note if you have any more questions, or need any info. (I built the site.) Thanks for trying it out! » 12/04/14 8:50pm 12/04/14 8:50pm