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Crowdfund This Shirt And Declare Your Love For Obscure Swedish Two-Stroke Motorhomes

I've been amazed at the response to Car of the Day.

Since April 21 of this year, I've been writing a new article on an interesting vehicle, every single day. I've written about the Funmog,, 999, Unipower…the list goes on.


Actually, the list is up to more than 150 vehicles!

I thought—and it's a stretch—"Well, if people enjoy my taste in obscure cars, maybe they'll like my taste in obscure car clothing," so I've designed a T-Shirt with a Saab on it.

Not just any Saab, mind you, but the Torsten Johannesson-designed, 95-based "HK" motorhome, itself an evolution of his earlier 92-based "H" model that didn't make it past prototype stage. The two survived, miraculously, even though one ended up as a sort of cabin in the woods for a while!

Now fully restored, you can follow their exploits at; there's even a scale model kit by Griffin Models available for the vehicle.


Why not a T-Shirt? Follow the link below; if more than 50 are pre-ordered in the next 8 days, they'll be printed to you and shipped out. Hopefully they'll help strike up some conversation at the next car meet!

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