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Most Popular And Least Popular Obscure Cars

I've written about 71 interesting vehicles over the last 71 days, and have no intention of stopping. I've cross-posted a few here—but by no means all 71.

The project has been very interesting so far, and I love learning new things every day. Subscribers have been fantastic, very gracious and quick to pick nits if I've gotten something wrong. I'm working on markup for the citing of corrections, which you'll start to see soon.

There might be a few collaborations in the works, too. (I mean, who wouldn't want a print of a Citroën Loadrunner?)


I was thinking this morning, "I wonder what the most popular cars are," just as a point of curiosity. So in the interests of learning about interesting vehicles, with big photos and short captions; not to mention combing through my website analytics, I present to you the top and bottom five articles from Car of the Day.

5 Most Popular Articles

#5: Toyota RV-II

I led with this quote from Penthouse magazine in 1973, and I think it pretty much sums up the RV-II:

"It's Friday and you're fed up—tired of the city, tired of work, tired of people. You need some room to breathe but get stuck for a half-hour on the expressway. You decide to get away. You pull the Toyota off at the nearest exit and call ahead for the weather forecast.


"An hour later you will be on your way with your lady by your side. Everything you need for a cozy weekend is already packed in the car you're driving. A dream? It will be reality of Toyota designers have their way."


#4: Honda Argento Vivo by Pininfarina

My favourite-ever concept car, this was Honda's stab at the other type of roadster it could make. While the 1995 SSM concept morphed into the S2000, this Argento Vivo was a more upmarket alternative, something to attract Alfa Romeo, Porsche and BMW drivers.


#3: Bertone Freeclimber

With all of these premium crossovers today—the Porsche Macan and Lexus NX among the newest—I decided to take a look at a far earlier example, produced by Bertone.


This one was posted to Jalopnik, and the comments were great—SATA even said he'd be driving one across South America on a year-long vacation(!!)


#2: Toyota Origin

If you were to guess which Toyota this retro-styled, suicide door'd sedan with a wraparound rear window was based on, would you believe me if I said, "The IS"?


#1: Saab EV-1

One of my personal favourites (and a car I knew nothing about until running around the internet looking for strange vehicles), the EV-1 seemed to get everyone all hot and bothered.


And for good reason: it's fast, efficient, sexy, and had a quick part in Back To The Future Part II.

5 Least Popular Articles


#5: Alfa Romeo Romeo

Why an Alfa Romeo van wasn't popular is probably due to the fact it was one of the earlier articles written, along with a few others in the bottom five.


This one ends on a sad note: fewer than 100 examples exist today and nobody can find a surviving van with the optional two-cylinder diesel engine.


#4: Davis Divan

Everyone's favourite Hollywood star, if your idea of a star is a Reliant Robin crossed with a '32 Ford hot rod and a Kelvinator refrigerator.


#3: Volvo PV36 Carioca

An unexpectedly beautiful Art Deco car named after a Brazilian dance from everyone's favourite boxy-is-best carmaker. Fewer than 25 exist today, which is a shame.


#2: Ford Bronco Dune Buster

This George Barris-cusomized Ford Bronco is one of my favourite from the 1960s. With a few go-fast cues and open air interior, it'd be an absolute blast on the dunes today.


#1: Triumph TR-250K

A single example was made, and it still exists today. It represents the melding of a few great minds into one race car that never made its mark.


It's a slightly sad story, but not every vehicle can be successful, right? It's even more sad, though, as it's even the least-popular Car of the Day!

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